True Contentment

  Last night my hip was throbbing with pain. Another hallmark pain of the Ankylosing Spondylitis disease I live with daily. I took my nighttime medications and as I lay in bed awaiting relief, I thought about contentment. What is contentment to me personally?

  I thought about all the materialistic items I own. My home, car, land, and sentimental possessions all passed through my thoughts. Then I thought about my early childhood years. I remembered all those loved ones who have passed on and what an impact they made in my life. I truly have been blessed with some wonderful people through the years. That leads me to the friends and family I have today. I know if I was in need, they would drop everything and rush to my side. That is a priceless treasure. I would consider myself rich to have such people as my support system.

  As I continue thinking, I hear my oldest son's laughter in the living room. He has always had an infectious laughter. I smile to myself. My children and husband are my greatest blessings. I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to be a mother to these three amazing people. I used to compare them to baby chicks, diddles, as we call them on the farm. My greatest feeling of contentment came when all three of my "diddles" were home safe and sound. I loved having all my babies under my roof. Whether laughing in the living room or sleeping in their beds, I like an old mother hen, want my diddles near me.

  My daughter was in a vehicle accident yesterday. A tractor trailer merged into her Mini Cooper on the interstate at a speed of 60 miles per hour. The impact point sent her car into a fishtail. By the grace of God, she regained control of the vehicle and was not injured. While I had visions of horrific damage to her car, it was only minimal. Which is hard to imagine at those speeds but a few scratches and a broken reflector is all that's left to show the wreck even happened. I give all the praise to God for saving my sweet girl. I guess the shock of the events is what had me thinking about my own contentment. It makes you remember what is truly important in your life. I just want my diddles safe.

  In this season, I hope you each have a special contentment in your life. I hope you cherish every day with your loved ones. Never take life for granted, it can be gone in a split second. 

  Gentle hugs my friends!