Where Is My Specialty Pharmacy? *A Small Rant*

  Here we are halfway through February already. As I get older it seems the years pass quicker.

  Unfortunately, this new year has not began well. I experienced a change in my health insurance January 1, 2019. This normally might not be problematic, but if you are on biologic medications it can be a nightmare. With my prior insurance company, I was only allowed to receive 1 prefilled Cosentyx per month. Therefore, when the new year with the new insurance began I had no Cosentyx.

  First thing I did was try calling my new insurance company, epic fail. I was on hold for 48 minutes waiting for my call to be answered. When a customer representative finally answered, she was clueless. I asked her who they used to fill specialty medications for their members. She had never even heard of a "specialty" medication. I explained it was a medication that has to be shipped to me because regular pharmacies do not carry it. She seemed perplexed. Finally after several minutes, she told me I had called the wrong number. She happily gave me a number to call to get the service I needed. I wasn't happy about needing to call again since I had been on hold for so long. I thought perhaps since it was a number to call about a biologic specialty medication it wouldn't be as busy as their main line. I began keying in the phone number the representative had given me. I thought this number seems familiar, I looked at the previous number I had called. I was shocked! I couldn't believe my eyes. She had gave me the exact same number I dialed to reach her. I'm not sure if she simply wanted me to ask one of her coworkers, but didn't want them to know she was clueless or what. Perhaps, she was new and wasn't familiar with the companies departments. You'd think they'd train new employees better or have a mentor they could go to with questions.

  In the end, I hung up the phone because it put me on hold again. I didn't have another 48 minutes to be on hold. I called my doctor's office and asked if her biologic coordinator could get my Cosentyx shipment set up for me. Unfortunately, the coordinator called me the next day and had the same experience I had. She stayed on hold an hour and the rep she spoke with did not know what company filled their specialty pharmacy orders. Needless to say, the coordinator was not pleased. She said all she could figure out was to send in a prescription and hope they forwarded it to the correct location.

  I still have not received my Cosentyx. I haven't had any since December 2018. Six weeks past my last scheduled injection date. My pain and stiffness levels are soaring. Will I ever get this straightened out? Hopefully eventually.

  Does our insurance carriers not care about us patients? It certainly seems they don't. Do they not realize the damage ankylosing spondylitis can cause our bodies? If it was one of their loved ones suffering from this unrelenting disease, would they allow an untrained customer representative to brush off the ordering of their medication? No, they wouldn't! This countries insurance system is unfair, uncaring, and money grubbing.

   I apologize my rant. I hope each of you are receiving the treatment you need and the service you deserve. Stay strong AS warrior.