Fall Brings Something Besides Cooler Days

  Fall is here finally! It seems like it's been so hot for so long, I couldn't handle being outside for very long. These cooler days are definitely a welcomed relief from the heat. So why does my pain levels have to increase every fall? I began to notice this trend a few years ago. It is disheartening because fall and spring has always been my favorite times of the year. Those two seasons are when the temperatures are just right for me to enjoy the outdoors.

 I used to love traveling through the mountains to look at the beautifully colored leaves. I'd have my husband and kids get out of the vehicle with me at every scenic overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I miss those days. As my Ankylosing Spondylitis has worsened I haven't been able to travel as much or as far as I once did. Sitting for extended periods in a vehicle makes it almost impossible for me to move. It's as if my body seizes up if I don't keep it in motion.

  I was talking to some friends the other day. They both have fibromyalgia. I mentioned to them I haven't been sleeping well and aching so much more. They both said they were experiencing the sleepless, painful symptoms also. I shared with them how this always affects me when fall arrives. We all agreed it is thanks to the weather change. I have heard older generations speak about how their arthritis is more symptomatic during rainy or cold weather. I never truly gave it much thought until my health deteriorated. It wasn't an old wife's tale, I now feel the same effects generations before have felt.

  I wish there was a magic answer to ease the pain. Unfortunately, all we can do is deal with the symptoms. Some people make a "rainy day" relief pack. This can include items such as heating pad, ice pack, essential oils, ibuprofen, epsom salt, Aspercreme, or some other topical pain relieving cream. Feel free to share your method of relief in the comments. Perhaps it can help someone who's facing a sleepless, painful night.

  I wish each of you pain free days ahead my friends.