Thoughts of A Chronic Disease Warrior

     I am looking into other options to help my family's financial situation. I know with my ankylosing spondylitis I am at a disadvantage. I am unable to perform the types of jobs I have held in the past. I currently have a part time job, which allows me to pick my own hours and days. It is perfect because if I am experiencing too much pain on one day, I can simply work another day. However, this job may be coming to an end soon. I hope things work out and I can continue with my current position, but I do not want to wait and be left with no income. Hence, I have been scouring the web and asking opinions from friends about jobs they think I might be able to handle with my health issues. It hasn't been an easy task.
    Where can someone with ankylosing spondylitis, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, peripheral neuropathy, and fibromyalgia get hired? Good question, huh? Yes, I know some people don't disclose their health issues to employers, but how can I not since there are so many things my health limits. For instance I can not stand longer than 15 minutes or my back feels like it is breaking. Also, I can not sit longer than 10-15 minutes or I stiffen up and can hardly walk. I have lifting limitations. I suffer from overwhelming fatigue some days. Thanks autoimmune disease!
     I am not eligible for Social Security disability due to not having enough work credits. How can I get work credits when I can't work? It's all a vicious cycle.
     Right now I am considering resell. I have been researching Ebay resellers, fees, shipping, etc. I was thinking if I was able to get a bit of inventory ahead, I would be able to do listing as I was able.
     I'm still in the planning stages and still looking for other options. If you have any ideas, I'd welcome input.
     I never thought as a young person that I'd be fighting my own body. I never thought I'd be unemployable at 47 years old. I never thought I'd be injecting a biologic medication that might be worse than the disease I have.
    I just never thought......