My Body Is My Teacher

  When will I learn not to overdo myself at work? I know I have to pace myself. The reason I am working my current job is so I can have a very flexible schedule. I have experienced the fatigue and pain from pushing my body.

  I know how my body responds, so why did I push myself yesterday? I was looking forward to a 3 day weekend with my husband and kids. I worked about 30 minutes yesterday morning and was feeling very weak and tired. I tried to focus on one area at a time, hoping this would help me get through the tired, weak feeling. I sat down a few times to rest. I kept thinking I would complete one more area and then I'd return today to finish the job. However, the thought of having to leave my husband and kids a second time in our weekend, made me want to finish while I was there.

  By the time I finished and returned home, I was so weak I had to sit in my car in our driveway to rest. I physically could not walk inside when I arrived at home. Also, I had sweated profusely while working. It literally dripped from my face onto the floor when I bent over. My hair was wet and dripping. My shirt was completely soaked. Gross and disgusting! I apologize for the detailed account of my appearance. Why does my body respond this way? I had not performed even half of the physical output of my old job. I cannot imagine how my body would react to a more challenging job. I finally managed to make it inside my house. I felt horrible. My husband brought me a water and had me relax on the couch. I'm thankful he was home to care for me.

  Today, I continue to feel weak and fatigued. I was awoken early this morning with shooting pain from my hip down to my knee. I will definitely be breaking my job into smaller tasks during the next week. Maybe I'll listen to my body instead of my personal plans next time. I hope!

  Hoping each of you have a pain free, enjoyable weekend.

  Stay Strong AS Warriors!