Learning To Work At A Slower Pace With AS

Today I thought I'd share our videos about remodeling our son's bedroom. I posted earlier about trying to help my husband with this project. It was a slow process. Ankylosing Spondylitis is so unpredictable, one day I may feel like I can conquer the world but be bed ridden the next day. It has taught me to make flexible plans and just go with the flow.
(Pardon the horrible mess!)
The video below is an after remodel look.
(We still had a few things left to do when I filmed it. I hope to do another video later to show the crown moulding, closet completed, and the awesome gaming cabinet my husband made for our son.)

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I'm hoping to learn how to edit my videos, I was happy I got my video uploaded lol.
I'm so far behind on technology, it's a wonder I can turn a computer on! I have to ask my teenage son for assistance with everything online!