Strangeness Follows Me

  As I face the day ahead I like to start out with a smile. Things seem to go better when I smile.

  Therefore, I thought I'd share a little laugh with you. My life can be a bit strange and I tend to have strange experiences. An example would be my former job where I was a worm counter. Yes, you heard right I counted nightcrawlers, mealworms, etc all day for 3 years. I'll explain that further in a later post. Somehow strangeness just finds

  Today I want to tell you about my odd Walmart experience. Last winter I was at Walmart with my mom. We always have a weekly Walmart trip together. On this certain day, my mom went on over to get groceries while I went to the pharmacy. As an ankylosing spondylitis patient I spend a good deal of time at my Walmart pharmacy. That day I chat with the pharmacy employees, pick up my meds, and head over toward groceries.

  I am taking my time looking at this and that. I cut down a less crowded aisle near ladies pajamas. That was mistake #1. I hear behind me someone walking quickly. It was one of those things where you're in your own thoughts but suddenly aware of another person. Mistake #2. I thought, "man, I need to get out of their way". It sounded like they were on a mission. I didn't want to delay them.

  After pushing my buggy over to the side of the aisle, I look at some leggings. I'm thinking this fast walking person will pass me and I'll get back on my way. Yep, that was mistake #3. That was not to be the case though, as the steps stop right beside me.

  I turn to see a woman probably in her 30s. As I looked her way she says "hi, you look so pretty today". I am somewhat taken back because I have no idea who this woman is. She seems genuinely happy to see me and she is complimenting me. Mistake #4. Maybe I do know her from somewhere or she has mistaken me for someone else. I respond thank you. She said she had been chasing me to tell me how pretty I look. At this point I'm getting a weird vibe. lol

  In my mind, I am recalling the pharmacy tech telling me to guard my prescriptions. They have had some incidents of individuals snatching bags of prescriptions out of people's cart. So I am on high alert now. I take my free hand, wrap it through my purse handles and grasp my prescription bag in my hand. I think I am so stealthy, no one is going to steal from me.

  The lady continues talking, although I kind of zone out. That's mistake #5 if you're keeping count! She said something about it being really cold outside. I reply accordingly. All of a sudden this lady pushes her hand under my armpit. I am speechless! She actually rammed her hand from behind me under my arm pit! She says "it's really warm in there". What the heck is going on????? I jerk away from her and start walking. She follows me. I am thinking, "holy cow! Run, run, run"! She mutters something about needing to go find her mommy and daddy. Mind you this is a 30 something year old woman.

  I take off, zipping down laundry detergent aisle, past end caps of chips, and the cooler of eggs. I finally see my mom at the end of the water aisle, I rush down to her. I know the irony is I'm 46 and practically running to my mom! Haha

  Mom asks where I have been so long, she thought I got lost or something. I tell her it was definitely a very strange situation that held me up. She looks confused. I let her know I will tell her all about it later in the car.

  By far that is my weirdest Walmart experience! Thanks ankylosing spondylitis for making me a slow walker and a person who tries to avoid crowds. Moral of this story, don't cut through those deserted back aisles without your momma and always were deodorant!  LOL

  Have a spectacular monday friends!