I Will Make It Through Today! (Did I Convince You?)

  I am really not looking forward to today.....

  Anyone suffering from AS knows when we overdo ourselves, we end up hurting more and dealing with extreme fatigue. I have a feeling it's going to be one of those days.

  My husband and I are leaving in the morning for a much needed vacation. Today I have to pack, shop for groceries for my sons, clean the house, and take my mom to urgent care for a possible UTI. After all these years you would think I would know better than to procrastinate until the last day. Oh well, I'll tackle one thing at a time.

  If I don't make it to the grocery store it'll be okay, the boys will survive. My oldest son already suggested I could leave money and they'd eat out each night! I don't see that happening haha.

  It is so nice that our kids are old enough to take care of themselves, the house, and the dog. Plus they will keep an eye on my mom also. I absolutely loved having little kids, one of my greatest joys, but having the freedom to take a vacation is wonderful as well.

  Our daughter got married in July. It was an amazing wedding. I am blessed beyond measure to have such a great son in law. My daughter and he had dated for 5 years exact on their wedding day. They had what I consider a huge wedding, 100-150 people. Of course, I had at most 15-20 people at mine. Big difference!! I know any of you that have helped plan a daughter's wedding can understand how it consumes your whole life. I made it through all the festivities flare free, but the couple months following have been unforgiving. I'm thankful ankylosing spondylitis didn't rear it's ugly head until after the wedding.

  My husband and I are taking this short vacation to relax, reflect, and reconnect. After a very busy year we need it.  If I can make it through today, tomorrow we'll be on our way!

  Hugs to all you mommies and daddies fighting AS. May it be a pain free day!