A Good Night's Sleep

  I slept really good last night. I haven't slept good in quite a while. I know fellow ankylosing spondylitis sufferers know exactly what I go through during the night. I've been off my biologic medicine for weeks now, the pain and stiffness increases the longer I am off of it. My hips are the current problem area. Whichever hip I am laying on wakes me with searing pain. I do what I call a roll onto my other side, but anyone seeing this process would call it anything other than a roll. I have to lift the top half of my body as high as possible then twist and slide to maneuver onto my other side. I always worry, I will wake my husband as I perform this feat of uncoordinated movement.

  This morning when I woke, the very first thought I had was "no hip pain". I think after you've experienced pain for many days or weeks, you appreciate the "pain free" days hundred times more.

  I am still awaiting my quantiferon TB test results so I can begin Cosentyx. I hope my hip pain will stay away, until I can get my loading dose of Cosentyx in my system.

  I hope many of you awake this morning to realize you had a pain free, restful sleep. Enjoy your day if it was a good night. If you suffered during the night, I hope you can take time to pamper your body today. Hoping tonight will be better.

  Gentle hugs my friend!