The Result Of My Halloween Project

  I posted about my Halloween DIY crafts the other day.

  As I stated in that post I had never heard of a horror doll when my husband suggested I make one. It was a fun project. 

  • I found a cheap, $1.99 used doll at a thrift store. 
  • I used a knife to jab out her eyes first.
  • Next I painted all her plastic parts black (legs, arms, & head)
  • After the black paint dried, I used a cosmetic sponge to lightly cover the black paint with dabs of white paint.
  • I used red paint to highlight around her missing eyes, to appear they had been pulled from her eye sockets.
  • While I had the red paint out, I painted around her mouth to appear that blood is running from her mouth. It's suppose to appear that she's just fed on a human neck.
  • I used my cosmetic sponge to place random blood splatter on her feet, hands, and a white cloth I used to make her dress.
  • I thought her eyes needed a little something more so I added cracked black crevices coming from her eyes.
  • Since she is suppose to be a vampire baby, I broke two tines off a plastic fork and glued those to her mouth for fangs. Personally, I wanted to leave the teeth off but my husband thought it looked better with them.
  • Lastly I bought a $1.00 play wig at Dollar Tree and cut strands of it to glue scattered on her head.
  • I had some blue ribbon left from my daughter's wedding so I made her a bow. I glued it on the top of her head also. It helped cover where I had glued the hair pieces.

  This is a crazy, but fun project. It helps to keep our minds occupied when we are in pain due to AS. So while it may not be a typical craft project, it helped me feel accomplished.
  That day I won, AS couldn't stop my progress and creativity.

  I hope each of you find a craft or something you enjoy to keep your mind off your pain.

  Gentle hugs to all!