Is It Good News???

  Good news.... my insurance approved Cosentyx. That's step 1 of the process. Now to follow through with the other requirements.
  Step 2- My doctor wanted me off the Enbrel at least two weeks before starting the Cosentyx. I've actually been off Enbrel three weeks. Each week that passes I hurt more. The last few days my hips have hurt terribly during the night and for about an hour upon rising. So I am excitedly, anticipating starting the new medicine. If you're a biologic medication user you know how crazy that sounds. Even with the doctor's warnings of IBS risk, cancer, infections, etc which the medicine can cause, I need something to slow the hip degeneration. When I hurt like I have the past few days I imagine this monstrous disease is progressing toward taking more away from me. Walking is a gift. I try to think how blessed I am to still be mobile. Never take anything for granted.

  Step 3- Due to the medication risk factors, my doctor requires I have a yearly quantiferon TB test. (Plus regular lab work every 3 months) My quantiferon TB test up until this year all has been negative. However, a couple months ago when I had my yearly test it was inconclusive. I had a repeat test a few weeks ago and it came back inconclusive also. I spoke to my doctor's office today and they want me to retest tomorrow. She told me not to start the Cosentyx until I have a conclusive result on the TB test.

  Hopefully tomorrow my test will produce a result. I admit it is concerning since I have been on biologics for years. The humira was causing me many infections last winter. I know we immunosuppressed people are suppose to avoid places where illnesses are prominent, such as hospitals and nursing homes. Unfortunately, I had to go to the emergency room several times while fighting those infections. Also I had to have a spinal tap performed in the ER to rule out spinal meningitis. I'm hoping I wasn't exposed to TB during one of those visits.

  I'm rambling now....sorry. I hope you all have a pain free night and much happiness tomorrow.

  Gentle hugs, my friends!