Where Would You Draw The Line On Medication?

  Even as my doctor says it, I cringe....   

  Why do most medicines have those nasty, horrible side effects? 

  As my doctor explains, this new medication has been known to cause or worsen, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I'm thinking... really, really??!! She has got to be joking. Why would anyone take a medicine that can instigate another disease.

  I mean, I'm no fan of stomach cramps or diarrhea. As a matter of fact, I experience that enough without the aid of a medication side effect. There are some rather embarrassing moments, I definitely wish I could erase from my brain.

  As I sit there listening to her voice I'm thinking no way, no thank you. I am NOT going to use that medicine. Nope, not this girl! 

  At that point my doctor checks my most recent lab work. She explains my current medication isn't helping my inflammation levels. She does a physical "feel" of the joints in my shoulder, elbows, hands, and feet. A majority of those are swollen and inflamed. 

  Come to think of it, my hips have been hurting so much they wake me during the night. Also my toes feel weird, kind of stiff. My fingers are so swollen in the morning it's difficult to move them. Plus, my neck is killing me after driving 45 minutes to this doctor's office.

  Well, that does it. In the span of this 20 minute office visit, I have decided diarrhea might not be such a bad thing. I might be one of the few who never experiences that not so lovely side effect. Fingers crossed!

  What the heck, this girl is going to try this new medication. I'm not sure where I would draw the line on side effects vs benefits. Thinking back I have already been taking medicine to wipe out my immune system. It can increase risk of infections and some cancers. The list is long of possible side effects.

  In the end, I think I would try most any medication to be able to enjoy time with my family. They are my world, my heart, and my reason to fight this disease.

  Where would you draw the line on a side effect? At what point would you tell your doctor, no?