Inspiration Through The AS Battle

  It's important for us to have an outlet. One of my outlets is this blog and spreading AS awareness. I thought tonight I'd share another one of my enjoyments.
1966 Shasta Compact

  A few years ago, my son brought home a 1965 Scotsman travel trailer. His plan was to disassemble and recycle the materials, but I feel in love with it. I convinced my son we could restore this cute little camper with it's funny front hump. Hence began a Pinterest search for restoring a vintage camper/travel trailer. The more I immersed myself in finding ideas to restore our Scotsman, the more vintage campers I saw. I was intrigued by people who "glamped" these little vintage campers. You can search "glampers" or "glamping" on Pinterest and see hundreds of the blinged out campers. We decided a more traditional route of restoration was what our little Scotsman needed. We named our Scotsman, Dexter, because apparently all little vintage campers need a name of their own. We haven't completed Dexter's restoration yet, but I can't wait to go camping in him. Perhaps our first expedition will be to one of the many vintage trailer rallies hosted all over the United States. Wherever we go, even if it's just camping in our backyard, it will be a joyous celebration. 

  My husband has also got into the vintage trailer phenomenon. It's contagious, I believe haha. He even bought himself a 1966 Shasta Compact. His little camper doesn't need as much work as Dexter, so we may be camping in it first. It is so nice to have something in common that can take our minds off this disease I'm fighting. My husband hasn't fully decided on a name for his camper, but I'm leaning toward Susie-Q. 

  I could go on and on about vintage trailers but I'll not bore you any longer. My main objective was to encourage each of you to find something you love to pursue. We can get discouraged and depressed fighting our own bodies daily. It's good to have something to look forward to and work toward.

  I'll update about Dexter and "Susie-Q" when we get them completed.

  Gentle hugs my friends.