Comparing Humira, Enbrel, And Cosentyx Injection Pens

  I'm looking forward to today. That's a huge thing for anyone with an autoimmune, degenerative disease to say. Most mornings my attitude is more guarded, since it's a toss whether it'll be a good or bad day. However, based on my day yesterday, I have hope. amazing!

  Day before yesterday, I received confirmation that my quantiferon TB test was negative. If you've read my blog for a while you know I had received an inclusive result on my TB test. I researched what an inclusive result means and basically it could be due to tech error or due to a person being immunosuppressed. Both of which sounds reasonable in my situation.

  My doctor didn't want me to begin my new medication, Cosentyx, until I received those negative results. So finally I had the all clear to begin my Cosentyx. I injected around 5:00p.m. Monday afternoon. I really like the "sensoready" pen. When I was on Enbrel there were times I had trouble getting the top button to actually click and inject the medicine. Sometimes this caused me to have to stop and reposition the pen until finally it injected. My humira pens always worked fine when I pushed to inject. However, the Humira pen had such a small window to view the final colored insert that signaled the vial was completed, I found it difficult to see. I learned with the Humira pen I could listen and hear a swish when the last of the medicine went into me. Therefore I didn't have to rely on that tiny viewing window as much. This Cosentyx has a huge viewing window that goes completely around the pen, not just a tiny window. I can see the medication in the pen very clearly as well as the colored insert when the pen is empty. Another thing I like about the Cosentyx pen is I can see the needle inside the tube. With my prior medicines the cover around the needle was dark and I could only check the needle by peeping up the end of the tube. I often tried to see if my injection site pain was correlated to a bent needle. With my new Cosentyx sensoready pen I can see if there is an issue with the needle. For those of you who are afraid of needles or just don't want to see the needle don't worry, the covering is opaque around the needle. So you don't even notice it unless you're a curious kitten like me.

  Yesterday, I had a marvelous day. I had energy and felt like the "me" I used to be. Oh, what a glorious feeling! I wondered if I could receive benefits from the Cosentyx in less than 24 hours or if I was experiencing a placebo effect from it. Whichever it was, doesn't matter at this point, I just want another day of it! I have high hopes for my day ahead and for my new medication.

  May each of you have a pain free day with much joy in it!
  Until next time my friends, gentle hugs.