Writing A Blog To Raise AS Awareness - When You're Social Media Illiterate

  If you follow my blog, you've learned a few things about me. 

#1... I am not a professional writer, I'm sure I make many editing mistakes. Sorry!
#2... I started this blog as an outlet for my emotions, but it has grown to be an instrument to promote awareness of Ankylosing Spondylitis.
#3... I have never blogged, tweeted, or had a domain name before starting this adventure. I didn't even know what a domain name was!

  To expand on #3 a bit, my children laugh at my computer skills and knowledge. Until a couple months ago, I had no idea there was so many social networks online. It overwhelms me!

  My teenage son helped me begin setting up my blog on Blogger one day before school. Unfortunately, his school bus arrived before we added all the gadgets on the layout. I did the best I could, adding gadgets if they sounded useful to me. You can see how lost I was without my son to educate me.

  I would sit down to write a post in the mornings after my son left for school. I found this time of morning, when no one else was awake to be my time of self reflection. In truth, mornings are difficult for most AS sufferers. Mornings bring stiff joints, aches from the night long tossing, and a body that feels years beyond it's current age. I found I can have a cup of coffee, take my morning medications, and post while my meds have time to ease some of my discomforts.

  As I began pouring my heart out on this blog, an amazing thing happened. After several posts, the stats showed people were reading my content. I remember rushing into my bedroom and awakening my husband, he works second shift so he sleeps later in the day. I couldn't wait to share with him that someone had read my blog. He very groggily told me, "that's great babe". I tried to contain my excitement until my husband got up later that day. At that point, I was beaming and my husband got excited for me as well. He wanted to read my blog. I think I shared more in my posts than I sometimes feel comfortable sharing with him in person. In the upcoming weeks that followed, my husband encouraged me to continue posting. He read each of my posts and shared his feelings about some of my subjects. He tells me I need to continue this, it helps me and it can help some other AS fighter. My page views increased and slowly my audience spread to other countries. I am thrilled beyond words each time I see people are reading my content. I am amazed people in other countries are interested in what I think or say. For that matter, I am amazed anyone is interested in what I say! I wholeheartedly thank each of you who are viewing my blog. I have a domain name now and plan to continue investing in my blog to help spread awareness.

  When I was first diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, I felt so alone. I found it hard to get information on the disease. I finally found a support group online, who have been very valuable to me. With this blog and the number of people viewing it, I feel like I am not alone in my passion for helping others with Ankylosing Spondylitis. You give me a reason to smile each day. Thank you for being my inspiration to spread awareness. Hopefully, someday with awareness spreading, the medical field can discover a cure for this monster we face.

  In closing, I wanted to thank the lady who commented on my Halloween Happenings post. She and I had conversed back and forth. Today I tried to update some of the gadgets on my blog. Sadly, my updates somehow deleted her comments on my posts. Being computer naive I don't know why this happened, but I do apologize to her. I hope she will understand my accident and continue to read and comment. I love hearing from everyone.

  Gentle hugs friends! May your covers lay lightly tonight and peaceful sleep be yours!