Your Health Is Linked To Your Emotional Wellbeing

  Have you ever found out something about someone close to you that shook you to your core? Something that blindsided you? Something that the hurt is so severe you will feel it for the rest of your life? Something that feels like a knife going through your heart?

  If your answer to the above questions is "no", I hope you never experience that kind of pain. However, I dare say there are more who have been there than not. If you have love, friendship, or really any kind of relationship you probably have experienced at least some degree of this hurt.

  Why do I bring this subject up you ask; the hurt I described above can be devastating to us with autoimmune diseases. The deep hurt suffered in our emotional health spurs our disease to kick into high gear. Ankylosing Spondylitis looks for opportunities to strengthen it's hold on our bodies. 

  Some may say, I am fortunate because I can count the number of times I've had this deep hurt on one hand. One of my experiences was when I found out my dad had small cell lung cancer. I was always a daddy's girl. No matter what I always knew my dad was on my side. The doctors gave dad a life expectancy of six months. I was pregnant with my first child and prayed my dad would live to see my child. Dad actually lived 6 years, he adored my daughter from the day she was born. Four years later I had a son, whom I named after my dad. Dad was thrilled with my son. Sadly, the day came when my dad passed away. That was another one of those sharp, knife through the heart experiences.

  The other incidents of me being blindsided were relationship related. When you open your heart to someone you risk being hurt. Sometimes the other person in the relationship may not even see how deeply they have hurt you. Everyone has their point of view and sometimes if you can't agree on it, it can lead to hurt, bitterness, and even loss of relationship. If one person sees an action as no big deal and the other person views it as devastating, how do you go forward? Human nature makes a lot of people want to hurt that individual as much as they've hurt you. Others bottle up their emotions which can lead to bitterness, depression, stress, or a whole host of medical problems. With our immune systems already attacking our body, placing more emotional issues on it only worsens everything. So, how have I dealt with these times of "knife to the heart"? In some instances, I reflected for a while before speaking with the person about it. They explained their views and apologized. While I did accept their apology, I will never forget how deeply it hurt. Thinking of it now brings it back as painful as ever. Some situations I have built a wall where I will not let that person enter again. I can move forward but will never regain the complete trust of our past.

  My advice is if you can forgive and move forward do so, even if you never forget. However, don't let anyone continue bringing hurt into your life. Your life and health are the most important thing! You must put yourself first or you will be no good to anyone. 

  Gentle hugs my friends. Have a wonderful Wednesday!