Ankylosing Spondylitis, I Will Fight!

  Saturday night was torturous. I rolled and turned all night. My hips and lower back were in severe pain. I think, as a friend suggested, I may have overdone myself. Also, I have been noticing my weekly Monday dose of Cosentyx has me feeling wonderful until Friday or Saturday. I assume that's why my doctor is having me do a five week loading dose. Fingers crossed when I begin my monthly injection it will be effective for the full month. 

  Monday morning I was psyched to get my injection. Exactly as the prior two weeks, by midday I felt so much more energetic. My husband took some vacation days from work this week. He and I have had a productive start to our week.

  My youngest son will be having a birthday soon. He wants a new bedroom, since his sister got married last July we have an extra empty room. My husband and I thought a good birthday present would be to remodel the room my son wants to move into. Our money has been tight since I had to give up my job last December. Thanks to crummy Ankylosing Spondylitis, we have to figure how to remodel on an almost nonexistent budget. However, with doing this bedroom for his birthday we kill two birds with one stone. Thankfully my husband used to be a contractor and I even helped on some of his jobsites. 

  Today my husband and I purchased the new sheetrock. In the past I helped my husband carry and install sheetrock. At Lowe's today I tried to help him load the sheetrock. If you've dealt with sheetrock before you know they are binded in pairs. We were purchasing the thinnest Gypsum board but I had trouble lifting it. I couldn't believe how weak I have gotten in these last few years. My husband pulled the bind paper and we loaded it one piece at a time. Even at that I was amazed that I struggled with it. It's crazy to be so weak I can't lift my share. Although my dear husband offered to carry the sheetrock alone, I want to help. 

  I decided I want to tell this monster disease a few things.........

 Dear Ankylosing Spondylitis,

Watch out! I am not going to let you take everything from me! I am determined to take back control of my life. I will fight you every step of the way and I will overcome all the obstacles you set before me.

Fighting My Body Daily

  Hoping each of you have a productive, winning week!  Hugs my friends.  Never say never!